Are You Regretting Taking Yaz? Consult A Yaz Lawyer

Nobody has the right to treat your body as an experiment and treat it as a toy. As medical science advances, birth control pills are supposed to be made safer, not less safe. It’s incredible that in this day and age science has created less safe products and the pharmaceutical companies can still hide the ball about the real risks.

There are a number of serious side effects associated with taking the pill which can overload the natural hormonal flow of your body and create devastating consequences.

Yes, every birth control has potential side-effects such as headaches and nausea but did you know that some of these pills are so dangerous that the newer generation of them increase the risk of blood clots in your blood stream which can put you at a threat of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, stroke, heart attack, sagittal venous sinus thrombosis, Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis , blindness and even possibly cause death.

Yaz, Yasmin and other fourth generation pills almost double the risk of having an embolic event which is a blood clot, so you should discuss with your doctor safer alternatives.

If you, like thousands of other women, have been subjected to the perilous side-effects of Yaz, you should consider speaking with yaz lawyers who are ready and willing to fight for your rights.

The billion dollar a year pharmaceutical companies arm themselves with some of the best defense firms and defense lawyers in the country who are paid thousands of dollars an hour to derail your case. You should consider counsel who knows how to litigate against the best firms and has won in the past. Past results don’t guarantee future success, but they can educate you on the process and based on their knowledge divine a plan to make your case a success.

Hiring the right lawyer will ensure that you have all the right guidance you need as far the legal obligations are concerned. In addition, a dedicated team of attorneys will have the knowledge base that is needed to make sure that every possible advantage works in your favor.

You may be entitled to compensation for your losses if you had a Yaz blood clot. Not just that, it is your moral duty to prevent the same fate from occurring to others like you by spreading awareness against the dangers of this product and through the Yaz litigation you can do just that.

Consider an experienced Yaz Lawyer to fight your legal battles if you had a blood clot from Yaz.

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