Hire a Yasmin lawyer to fight for your legal rights if you had a bad side effect

Yasmin is a hormonal contraceptive pill commonly used by many women across the globe to prevent pregnancy. It is a very popular pill manufactured and heavily advertised and promoted by Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

When women purchase and are prescribed this pill from the market, the side effects from it may be downplayed, but they are very real. It has been alleged in many complaints that Bayer Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer, has failed to provide adequate information about the pill and the harmful side effects that come with its regular use.

Women taking this contraceptive have been diagnosed with some very serious health issues. Yasmin can cause strokes, blood clots, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, blindness, heart attacks and death. In addition, a spectrum of other side effects have also been noticed. In the worst cases, Yasmin could even lead to the shutting down of blood flow in the lungs or the head leading to death.

Yasmin contains a fourth generation progestin hormone known as drospirenone. This birth control pill combines estrogen with this progestin to avert pregnancy, but in the process puts your body at a greater risk of developing a blood clot then the earlier generations of hormone. The risk of a DVT, PE, stroke or death with Yasmin may be increased if you are a smoker. Smoking itself carries many risks and the blood clot risk with Yasmin may be magnified while smoking.

The pill Yasmin was first introduced in the market in 2001 and is approved by the FDA. The FDA is a governmental administrative agency who initially just hears the story as told by the entity seeking drug approval and its only later when people start becoming injured by the drug that the FDA can see if the injuries are consistent in type and number as reported during the clinical trials. There is no sanctity just because the FDA has “approved” a drug. There are many products it has approved over the years that have turned out to be very bad drugs.

In 2008, the Food Drug and Administration issued a warning against the manufacturers for not providing sufficient information to its consumers about the health risks associated with it.

Many lawsuits have been filed against Bayer Pharmaceuticals for the side effects from Yasmin. If you or someone you love has experienced a Yasmin side effect, then you should consult with a Yasmin lawyer to discuss your rights and the ability to file a lawsuit against the company. Your rights may be time sensitive. You may have many questions about the process and how a bad product made it into the stream of commerce and into your body. You also may wonder what sort of compensation you may be entitled to. A Yasmin lawyer should be able to answer all your questions.

If you have suffered a Yasmin side effect, discuss your rights with a Yasmin Lawyer who can educate you about if may be entitled to compensation.

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